ZTE Mobile Prices in Pakistan

Below are the updated ZTE Mobile Prices in Pakistan Retail market for All recent Models launched in the current year.

ZTE Mobile Prices Retail As on July 12, 2024

Model NameMemory
Retail Price
Blade A512GB + 64GB3200 mAh16,999
Blade A544GB + 64GB5000 mAh17,999
Blade A544GB + 128GB5000 mAh19,999
A554GB + 64GB5000 mAh20,999
Blade A524GB + 64GB5000 mAh19,999
Blade A53 Pro4GB + 64GB5000 mAh20,999
Blade V30 Vita4GB + 128GB5000 mAh24,999
Blade A72s4GB + 128GB5000 mAh21,999
Blade V50 Design8GB + 128GB5000 mAh23,999
Blade V50 Design8GB + 256GB5000 mAh28,999
Nubia V60 Design6GB + 256GB5000 mAh34,999
Nubia Neo 28GB + 256GB6000 mAh44,999
Nubia Focus 5G6GB + 256GB5000 mAh52,999
Nubia Focus Pro 5G8GB + 256GB5000 mAh59,999
Nubia Z60 Ultra12GB+256GB6000 mAh229,999

Note:- Due to the various policies and discounts offered by each, prices in online, key locations, and corporate stores may vary. The ground team of YooFinder gathers retail market prices for their users.

ZTE Introduction & History

ZTE is a company that creates cool tech things like smartphones, internet gadgets, and other electronic devices. They’re known for helping us connect with each other and enjoy the internet. Think of ZTE as a friend who brings us devices that make our lives more interesting and connected.

Way back in the late 1980s, ZTE started in China. At first, they made basic communication devices like telephones. Slowly, they moved on to making more advanced stuff. When the early 2000s came around, ZTE jumped into making mobile phones, including smartphones. People liked their phones because they worked well and didn’t cost too much money. But ZTE didn’t stop at phones. They also made other gadgets like internet modems and routers. These things help us connect to the internet, which is important in today’s world.

As they got better at making tech, ZTE decided to spread to different countries. They wanted people worldwide to use their devices and enjoy the benefits of technology. ZTE put a lot of effort into researching and developing new ideas. They wanted to make devices that were fast, reliable, and packed with cool features. This helped them stand out in the competitive tech world. More recently, ZTE became one of the leaders in bringing us 5G technology. You know, 5G makes our internet super fast and lets us do things like stream videos and make video calls without any problems.

Of course, ZTE had some challenges along the way. They faced problems and had to work hard to solve them. But they learned from their mistakes and kept making their products and services even better. In the past few years, ZTE has been focusing on making smarter gadgets for our homes. They’re all about creating cool things for our houses, like those smart home devices you might have heard about. They want to make our lives easier and more fun using their technology.

FAQ About ZTE Mobile ?

ZTE Blade A54 (4GB+64GB) updated price in Pakistan is 17,999/- Rs.

ZTE Blade A54 (4GB+128GB) updated price in Pakistan is 19,999/- Rs.

ZTE Blade A72s (6GB+128GB) Price in Pakistan is 21,999/- Rs.

ZTE V50 Design (8GB+256GB) updated price in Pakistan is 28,999/- Rs.

ZTE Blade A53 Pro (4GB+64GB) updated price in Pakistan is 20,999/- Rs.

Below is the detail of battery size after full charge of different ZTE models to have better understanding

ZTE ModelsBattery Size
milliampere-hour (mAh)
Blade A51Li – po 3200 mAh
Blade A52Li – po 5000 mAh
Blade A53 ProLi – po 5000 mAh
Blade V30 VitaLi – po 5000 mAh
Blade A72sLi – po 5000 mAh

Below is the detail of Camera’s of different ZTE models to have better understanding

ZTE ModelsCamera Megapixles
Blade A5113MP+2MP-5MP
Blade A5213MP+2MP-2MP
Blade A53 Pro13MP+2MP-5MP
Blade V30 Vita48MP+5MP+2MP-8MP
Blade A72s50MP+2MP+2MP-5MP