Oppo Mobile Prices in Pakistan

Below are the updated Oppo Mobile prices in Pakistan retail market and specifications of All recent Models launched in the current year.

Oppo Mobile Prices Retail As on July 11, 2024

Model NameMemory
Retail Price
A174GB + 64GB5000 mAh 49,999
A184GB + 128GB5000 mAh 27,999 | 34,999
A386GB + 128GB5000 mAh 35,999 | 44,999
A588GB + 128GB 5000 mAh 43,999 | 48,999
A608GB + 256GB5000 mAh54,999
A574GB + 64GB5000 mAh54,999
A774GB + 128GB 5000 mAh54,999
A788GB + 256GB 5000 mAh 55,999 | 64,999
A77s8GB + 128GB 5000 mAh74,999
Reno11 F 5G8GB + 256GB5000 mAh79,999 | 84,999
F21 PRO 5G8GB + 256GB4500 mAh104,999
Reno11 5G12GB + 256GB5000 mAh129,999

Note:- Due to the various policies and discounts offered by each, prices in online, key locations, and corporate stores may vary. The ground team of YooFinder gathers retail market prices for their users.

Oppo Introduction & History

OPPO is a company that creates cool technology things, like smartphones and other electronic gadgets. They’re known for making devices that help us take pictures, play games, and stay connected with friends. OPPO is like a helpful friend who brings us fun and useful things to make our lives more enjoyable.

Way back in 2004, OPPO started in China. They began by making things like music players and other devices for listening to sounds. But then, they decided to make smartphones, which became their main focus. Around 2008, OPPO introduced its very first smartphone. People started to notice them because their phones had good features and were different from what other companies were making. Oppo also make Softwares, its Operating System is also made by itself, is called Color OS.

One thing OPPO cared about was making phones with fantastic cameras. They wanted us to capture clear and awesome pictures, so they worked hard to improve the cameras on their phones. By about 2011, OPPO didn’t just stay in China. They began selling their phones in other countries too. People from different parts of the world got to enjoy OPPO phones and all the cool things they could do. OPPO wasn’t only about phones. They also created other tech things like headphones and chargers. They wanted to ensure we had all the accessories we needed for our devices.

In recent times, OPPO mobiles has been all about making phones that charge quickly. They call it “fast charging,” and it’s a big deal because it means we don’t have to wait for a long time to use our phones again. OPPO always liked to come up with new and exciting ideas. They wanted to make our experience with technology better and more interesting.

FAQ About Oppo Mobile ?

Oppo Reno11 5G updated price in Pakistan is 129,999/- Rs.

Oppo Reno11 F 5G updated price in Pakistan is 84,999/- Rs.

Oppo A78 updated price in Pakistan is 64,999/- Rs.

Oppo A77s updated price in Pakistan is 74,999/- Rs.

Oppo A77 updated price in Pakistan is 54,999/- Rs.

Oppo A58 updated price in Pakistan is 48,999/- Rs.

Oppo A38 updated price in Pakistan is 44,999/- Rs.

Oppo A57 updated price in Pakistan is 54,999/- Rs.

Oppo A18 updated price in Pakistan is 34,999/- Rs.

Oppo A17 updated price in Pakistan is 49,999/- Rs.

Oppo A16k updated price in Pakistan is 39,999/- Rs.

Oppo A60 updated price in Pakistan is 54,999/- Rs.