Vivo Mobile Prices in Pakistan

Vivo Mobile Prices Retail As on April 22, 2024

Below are the updated Vivo Mobile prices in Pakistan retail market for All recent Models launched in the current year.

Model NameMemory
Retail Price
Y034GB + 64GB5000 mAh24,999
Y02T4GB + 64GB5000 mAh24,999
Y02T4GB + 128GB5000 mAh31,999
Y17s4GB + 128GB5000 mAh34,999
Y17s6GB + 128GB5000 mAh39,999
Y276GB + 128GB5000 mAh47,999
Y27s8GB + 128GB5000 mAh49,999 | 46,999
Y368GB + 128GB5000 mAh59,999
Y27s8GB + 256GB5000 mAh64,999
Y368GB + 256GB5000 mAh59,999 | 54,999
Y738GB + 128GB4000 mAh89,999
Y100 5G8GB + 256GB5000 mAh89,999
V29e 5G8GB + 256GB4800 mAh89,999
V29 5G12GB + 256GB4600 mAh159,999
X10012GB + 256GB5000 mAh144,999
X100 Pro12GB + 256GB5400 mAh149,999
S1812GB +256GB5000 mAh140,000
V3012GB +256GB5000 mAh139,999

Note:- Due to the various policies and discounts offered by each, prices in online, key locations, and corporate stores may vary. The ground team of YooFinder gathers retail market prices for their users.

Vivo Introduction & History

Vivo is a company from China that makes cool stuff like smartphones. They also make things that go with phones, like cases and other gadgets. The company started in 2009 and is all about using innovative technology to improve our lives.

Vivo began in 2009, and at first, they made devices for watching and listening to stuff like music and videos. But then, they decided to make smartphones too, which changed everything. In 2011, Vivo made its very first smartphone called the Vivo X1.

This phone was particular because it was super thin, like a wafer. Vivo likes making phone cameras better. They made cameras that pop up from the phone so that you can have more screen space. This is useful for taking excellent selfies and pictures.

Vivo didn’t just stay in China. They travelled to other countries like India and Europe to sell their phones. People liked them because they had excellent features and didn’t cost a fortune. Vivo did some cool things with sports. They sponsored cricket games and got famous people to talk about their phones.

This made more people interested in Vivo. Vivo worked hard to make their phones better. They did research and came up with new things like faster internet (5G) and nice screens.

Vivo makes different types of phones for different people. Some are fancy, some are not-so-fancy, and they also make accessories like phone covers. Vivo teamed up with other companies to make better stuff. They also cared about the environment and tried to be kind to our planet.

FAQ About Vivo Mobile ?

Vivo V30 updated price in Pakistan is 139,999/- Rs.

Vivo has launched V29 5G in Pakistan on 17th October 2023 at the price of 159,999/- Rs.

Vivo V29e 5G updated price in Pakistan is 89,999/- Rs.

Vivo has launched Vivo Y17s in Pakistan at the updated price of 39,999/- Rs.

Vivo has launched Vivo Y17s in Pakistan at the updated price of 34,999/- Rs.

Vivo Y03 updated price in Pakistan is 24,999/- Rs.

Vivo Y02t updated price in Pakistan is 31,999/- Rs.

Vivo Y27s updated price in Pakistan is 46,999/- Rs.

Vivo Y36 updated price in Pakistan is 59,999/- Rs.

Vivo Y36 updated price in Pakistan is 54,999/- Rs.