Samsung One UI OS: Version 6.0

Samsung One UI OS

Introduction of Samsung One UI OS Version 6.0

Samsung is known to bring exciting updates to its phones, and its latest release, Samsung One UI 6.0 Operating System is exceptional. This update is like a complete makeover for your phone. Initially Samsung One UI is launched for the Galaxy Phones (Like a S23 Ultra), the software was tested in a pilot program before its official release. Let’s explore all the amazing features that this update has to offer!

Features of Samsung One UI Operating System 6.0:

Quick Panel Upgrades

  • New Button Layout: The buttons for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are now easier to locate at the top of the screen.
  • Instant Full Quick Panel Access: Swipe down once for a glance, and swipe down again to see everything.
  • Quick Brightness Control: A new control bar makes it easier to adjust brightness.

Lock Screen Fun

  • Reposition Your Clock: You can now move the clock to any position on the lock screen.

Home Screen Tweaks

  • Simplified Icon Labels: App names are now shorter, giving your home screen a cleaner look.


  • New Default Font: The new font adds a modern touch to the text on your phone.

Multitasking Magic

  • Keep Pop-Up Windows Open: Pop-up windows now remain open when you switch screens.

Samsung Keyboard

  • New Emoji Design: The updated emojis look fresh and trendy.

Content Sharing

  • Picture and Video Previews: Before sharing, preview your pictures.

Weather Wonders

  • New Weather Widget: Get more detailed information about the weather with the new widget.
  • Interactive Map View: Check weather conditions by swiping and tapping on a map, without typing the city name.

Camera Coolness

  • Custom Camera Widgets: Add convenient camera shortcuts to your home screen.
  • Easier Video Size Options: Choose video options more easily with a pop-up.

Other Features

  1. Gallery Goodies:
    • Save Clipped Images as Stickers: Save clipped images as stickers for future use.
    • Quick Edits in Detail View: Edit your pictures quickly with a simple swipe up.
  2. Photo Editor Fun:
    • Adjust Decorations After Saving: Change your stickers and drawings even after saving.
    • Undo and Redo: Don’t worry about making mistakes; you can undo or redo changes.
  3. Calendar and Reminder:
    • Schedule View: See all your reminders and upcoming events in one place.
    • Refined Reminder List View: Reminders are now better organized.
  4. Samsung Internet:
    • Play Videos in the Background: Keep listening to video sound, even if you switch tabs.
  5. Modes and Routines:
    • Unique Lock Screens: Customize your lock screen for different activities.
  6. Smart Suggestions:
    • New Look and Feel: Customizable suggestions that look better.
  7. Finder and My Files:
    • Quick Actions for Apps: Find things faster with quick actions.
    • Free Up Storage Space: Get tips on freeing up space on your phone.
  8. Settings:
    • Smarter Airplane Mode: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth stays on if you turn them on during Airplane mode.
  9. Accessibility:
    • New Magnification Options: Make things on your screen bigger or change the cursor thickness.
    • Cursor Thickness Customization: Adjust the cursor thickness for better visibility.

One UI 6.0 Release

Samsung released the first test version of One UI 6.0 on August 11, 2023, for the Galaxy S23 series (Like a S23 Ultra). The software will soon be available for other high-end Galaxy S and Galaxy Z phones, with mid-range phones receiving the update in Q1 of 2024. Samsung aims to complete the update for most mid-range and basic phones by early 2024.

Latest One UI 6.0 News

In December 2023, Samsung started rolling out the One UI 6 update for many mid-range phones, including A54, A34, A24, and A14, making these phones even cooler!

Summary: views that Samsung’s latest One UI 6.0, based on Android 14, comes with significant upgrades for the Galaxy S23 series (Like a S23 Ultra). The new features include improved design, personalization options, and enhanced performance. The quick panel layout has been revamped, the home screen icons are now customizable, and the default font is stylish.

The camera has also received new features such as custom widgets and easier video adjustments. Other noteworthy enhancements include weather widgets, gallery improvements, and smarter suggestions. The rollout of the beta version began in August 2023 for flagship models and is set to extend to mid-range devices like A54, A34, A24, and A14 by December 2023. The release is expected to be completed in Q1 of 2024.